About us

Wako.ai endeavors to revolutionize the landscape of customer service through the integration of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology. Our platform empowers our clients to create bespoke phone AI agents, designed specifically to cater to their unique requirements. These automated agents have the capacity to attentively listen, provide insightful responses, and execute actions during any customer interaction. We firmly believe that contemporary customer service mechanisms are antiquated and necessitate an overhaul, and our solution ushers in this evolution. Our commitment lies in leveraging emerging AI technologies to create a more efficient, responsive, and seamless customer service experience, setting a new standard in the industry.

Our Mission

Solve customer interactions with phone AI agents.

Human Driven Interface

What's the best way to break down concepts and exchange information naturally and efficiently? While texts and emails can be quick solutions, nothing beats one-on-one conversations. We believe that human-driven software interfaces are finally here to stay.

The Future of Customer Interactions

At WakoAI, our mission is to revolutionize customer service using Artificial Intelligence. With innovative voice agent solutions, we bridge the communication gap between businesses and their customers. Our goal is to anticipate needs and deliver proactive solutions, exceeding expectations. Through AI advancements, we aim to reshape the business landscape, making exceptional service the norm. Join us in ushering in an era of efficient, responsive, and satisfying customer experiences.

Voice Turing Test

Inspired by the concept of the Turing Test, we are committed to developing Voice AI systems that can convincingly emulate human conversation, passing the test with flying colors. Our goal is to create voice agents that not only understand the context and nuances of human speech but also respond with empathy, intelligence, and utmost relevance.

Our Team

Built in the Heart of San Francisco


Jonah Daian


Parker Bjur
AI Software Architect


Francis Kai Brokering
AI Software Engineer